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DipPenInkWell-TextLogo is intended to be a Plain Jane website. Its based on the acronym KISS. All one has to do is scroll down the page and youll see just about everything. Theres a second page button for you to see more of my art.

The Scroll Down For: box simply tells you were to find my art. My Art Process is the best place to start because its how I create my art. It thus gives a better feel for my art process.

The other three options show you what I have created over the years. There is no need to show you everything created. Mostly because I forgot to take a picture. has no shopping cart or other fancy web functions. In this fast pace world I hope my Plain Jane website is a relaxing place to visit.

I want to personally thank you for visiting and hope you will return. I also welcome your emails. Enjoy!

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When art is created I feel it should reflect the person creating it. Their subjects, choice of colors, designs, handling of medium, and more are all part of who that person is. When we view their art there is or is not a connection between the viewer and artist. For sure, though, it is up to both to make an effort in studying and verbalizing the message clearly.

Dip pen and ink drawings can be meticulous or as free as the wind. I am mostly a meticulous person. Even little seemingly unimportant errors are disturbing to me. So from start to finish my drawings take countless hours. But this labor of love is unbelievably rewarding when I view my written signature on a drawing. I started my ink drawings with one ink color and now I am challenging my self with many additional colors. This does not make them better. Simplicity can be glorious too.

I use both transparent and gouache watercolors, but lean more toward gouache. Using one color means you have to get the values and design right to be successful. Adding more colors means understanding the many aspects of color and color combinations. This take many failures, but in any aspect of life you begin to understand with the more practices you perform. I intend to work at this until my dying days.

Pen and ink drawings with added watercolors is a marriage ceremonytwo mediums coming together to create one whole unite. Like a marriage it takes time to get it right. When I think I am done I will set the work aside to be sure there is nothing more to improve it.

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Rives BFKDarkest darksBuilding more valuesChange to B&WPretty Much Done

The Tools: Any type of watercolor paper, acrylic ink(s), dip pens, drawing pencil, gouache or transparent watercolor paints, brushes, mounting board, and artist tape.

This is Rives BFK paper. I usually start by pencil outlining my idea from a thumbnail sketch or photo. Or I just start drawing. The paper is taped down.

It is best for me to start where I want the darkest darks. Those usually being negative spaces around my subject.

I continue to add ink lines to get close to the values of my thumbnail sketch or photo.

With multiple color drawings I convert a digital photo it to B&W to view my values better.

This is pretty much done. However I let it rest for few days to be sure everything is okay.

Loving Pen & InkLetters and RosesDipper SearchingDipper Pondering the HeavensDipper Contemplating Higher HeightsDeep Determination DipperLost on a Musical IslandF-M-MW-VPiano RoseSunset ItalyLight on AspensOlympiaNiki with DovesHay Bales at Ozment'sIris of Two ColorsSquare Butte Early Evening with MoonCoven Grove, EnglandWormley Woodland Pasture, EnglandMy ProcessDip Pen Ink DrawingsWatercolor PaintingsDip Pen Ink Drawings
 with Watercolor

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Iris of Two Colors 2

In the future pages related to my B&W photographs and Oil Paintings will be added. Hope you keep checking up on me.

The ToolsLittle Things So ImportantSaw Whet Owl in ThicketNature's DynamicsAspens East Glacier NP HotelNight HawkWater, Forest, DipperNight Hawk StudyLocation WatercolorFalls for the DipperDogwood ButterflyAdventures with WinslowTulips #2 - Contrasting ColorsArtist's Hand HollyhocksLittle Dead Man TitleThree MoonsPastoralWilsall PrairieThree Pears RedAlong the Sun River - Diversion DamRock of Yellow

Niki with DovesGifted to My Oldest Daughter

Three Moons

AV FD 18.5x12.5 $425

Along the Sun River-Diversion Dam

AV FD 22x15 $325

Three Pears Red

AV UF 14x10 $150

Artists Hand Hollyhocks

AV FD 10.75x7.75 $300

Art Key

Size: HxW art boarders

SO: Sold

AV: Available

FD: Framed

UF: Unframed

MT: Matted

Price: US $$

GTF: Gift/Trade to Friend

Light on Aspens


Dipper Pondering the Heavens


Loving Pen & Ink


Dipper Searching

AV FD 8x15 $750

Letters and Roses


Hay Bales at Ozments


Iris of Two Colors

AV FD 10.75x7 $700

Peggy's Cove NS

Dogwood Butterfly




Deep Determination Dipper

AV FD 14x9.5 $600

Dipper Contemplating Higher Heights

AV FD 8x12.5 $600



Falls for the Dipper


Piano Rose


Lost on a Musical Island


Sunset Italy


Little Things So Important

AV FD 22x16 $750

Saw Whet Owl in Thicket

AV FD 22x16 $750

Natures Dynamics


Aspens East Glacier NP Hotel

SO AV FD 18x14 $650

Water, Forest, Dipper

AV FD 10.5x15.5 $450

Coven Grove, England


Wormley Woodland Pasture, England

AV FD 7x?8.5 $325

Night Hawk Study

AV FD 5x7 $125

Night Hawk

AV FD 6.5x10.5 $300

Peggys Cove NS

AV FD 9.5x14 $375

Rock of Yellow



AV FD 11.5x17 $450

Wilsall Prairie

AV MT 13x20 $175

Adventures with Winslow

AV FD 8.5x12 $340

Tulips #2Contrasting Colors


Missouri River Prewett Creek

Missouri River Prewett Creek

AV FD 20.5x13.5 $675

Square Butte Prairie

Square Butte Prairie

AV FD 11.5x18.5 $375

Square Butte Early Evening with Moon




AV FD 12.5x5.75 $250

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

AV FD 13.5x5 $250

Land of Colors

Land of Colors

AV FD 13.5x5 $250


***Tulips #2 - Contrasting ColorsText Box: ART