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Square Butte PrairieLooking Down - GlacierFish Bermuda TriangleGlacier NPState of Turbulence, Glory of HopeFlowers and ColorsDouble FallsGlacier - PillarReflectionsSmith River TreeTree in Glacier NPFrench Curve Butterfly 4French Curve Butterfly 1French Curve Butterfly 2The Bread MakerGirl at RAP FestivalItaly AbstractHarvest MoonPBJ Smith RiverMy Square ButteFall TreesNew Vintage - ItalyTree Along MissouriButterflies & FlowersButterfly in GreenVilla in Italy

New VintageItaly

AV FD 5.75x7.5 $150

Dip Pen and Ink Drawings

Dip Pen and Ink Drawings with Watercolor

Fall Trees


Butterflies & Flowers


Butterfly in Green


Villa in Italy


PBJ Smith River


Harvest Moon


Tree Along Missouri


Mini Flowers Fruit VaseLong Way From Home

Mini Flowers Fruit Vase

AV FD 2.5x3.5


Mini Flowers


AV FD 3x3


Watercolor Paintings

A New Adventure - Oil Paintings

1st OilOil #2 - RMtn Front

1st Oil

AV FD 11x14 $300

Those Old Hay BalesMorning MissouriOil #3 - Ozment's

Oil #2RMtn Front

AV UF 7.5x11 $125

Oil #3Ozments

AV UF 7x10.5 $100

The Bread Maker


Girl at RAP Festival

AV FD 9x8 $300

3 Studies of Niki

AV FD 3@7x5 $300

Cliff-Water Abstract


Double Falls
AV FD 11.25x7.75 $300

Glacier NP

Gift to Son & His Wife

Flowers and Color

AV FD x $250

Italy Building Abstract

AV FD 8.5x5.75 $175

Wayfares State Park

AV FD 3x14 $375

French Curve Butterflies

AV FD 8.75x5.75 $300, 1 @ $100

Smith River Tree

AV FD 21x14 $550

Tree In Glacier NP

AV FD 17.5x11.5


Near Willow Creek

AV FD 16x20 $350

Blue Landscape

AV FD 8x9.5 $250

Fish Bermuda Triangle

AV FD 20.5x28.5 $450


AV FD 15.5x11.25 $375


AV FD 12.25x9.5 $325

State of Turbulence, Glory of Hope

AV MT 9.5x13.5 $175

Looking DownGlacier

AV FD 16x22 $375

My Square Butte


Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus


Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line


Blue Landscape

Those Old Hay Bales

AV UF 4x8 $50

Path to the Moon


Path to the MoonOld Faithful Lodge - Winter

Old Faithful LodgeWinter

AV FD 5x8 $250



AV FD 9x7 $275

Long Way From Home

Long Way From Home

AV FD 11x8.5 $300

A Few Pastels

Near Willow Creek

Morning Missouri

AV UF 12.5x7.5 $125

Pastel Landscape 1Pastel Landscape 2Pastel Flowers

Pastel Landscape 1

AV FD 7.5x9.5 $250

Pastel Landscape 2

AV FD 7.5x9.5 $250

Pastel Flowers

AV UF 12.5x9.5 $150

3 Studies of NikiWayfares State ParkFrench Curve Butterfly 3Text Box: More Dip Pen and Ink Drawings with Watercolor will be posted when they are completed.
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